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An advanced design process

Powered by expert professionals, kiosk design at Kiosks, Inc. is an elaborate engineering process delivering custom solution for diverse business needs. In fact, more complex is the required kiosk design, the quicker our professionals rise to the occasion and deliver an innovative solution. There are critical stages involved in the design process to ensure satisfaction of the clients. Kiosk Manufacturers

Conception of design

Driven by the customer design considerations, our engineers first of all prepare a well defined detailed project framework. This includes the component requirements, project schedule, target manufacturing budget, installation and expandability of the design among various other aspects. The design experience of our engineers ensures that all design issues are anticipated right in the beginning.

Evaluation of components

Kiosks, Inc. then procures all the electronic components required as per the detailed design framework and then tests each of those components with the customer specific software so as to ensure compatibility. A detailed discussion with the client takes place which reviews all the components specifications. Next begins the initial lay out modeling of components and various enclosure options.

Detailed mechanical design and review

Through an iterative and interactive process the engineering team sets out to work closely with the project team members from the client side to develop detailed mechanical drawings indicating component placements and multiple creative options. The overall equipment aesthetics is also presented to the client for its approval before a prototype can be manufactured by us.

Building a prototype

Based on the detailed feedback from the client a “dry fit” test is conducted which involves assembling all the prototype components and placing them in the enclosure. It is then presented to the client for the final approval. This detailed manufacturing process ensures customized solution delivery in minimum possible time.

Manufacturing and Installation

Subsequent to acceptance of prototype design, the manufacturing unit then gets into action. It is quite capable of handling volume production. There is dedicated quality control unit to ensure that the units are manufactured exactly as per client’s specific requirements and highest quality standards. Our services include site preparation and full scale installation.
You can visit our corporate office to discus with our expert team of engineers who can help you decide the best kiosk design to suit your specific business needs.